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April 27, 2016

Stop Living Lousy Stories

Life shapes us.  Often too young to fully understand, we are overwhelmed by fear, anger, upset… and we create stories. Stories that shape our beliefs, habits and limit us to this day.

Our brains magnify, delete and distort our memories.  And while terrible things may have happened, the stories we create can limit or motivate, fade away or inspire forever. Stories change, and have changed many times.   You are different at 6, 16 or 26.  Stories change over time, stories change when you are happy or sad, when you succeed or fail.  Your stories that still bind and limit you are waiting to change.

The stories you tell yourself and others have many connections and layers that help to bind you.  Unconsciously these stories craft our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and habits to support this story. And we react in ways, that are illogical and often contrary to our highest aspirations.

You’ve dreamed achieving a goal, being confident, losing weight, etc. And when you imagined that goal, you told a different story about who you are and what you are capable of.  And that story is as valid as the one that has held you back. That story can be yours, you can lead a different life.

You can choose to let the anguish, the overwhelm of 10, 20, 40 years ago continue to dictate your life, or you can choose to be different, happier, better.   You can continue to cry “woe is me”, “If only….” or have new better beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of. You can continue to gain weight, smoke, stress out and be afraid or you can be free. The choice is yours.

Your unconscious wants what is best for you, it wants to feel good, to succeed. You have within you more resources then you are aware of. A you that can rise above all that has befallen and change. Even your most engrained stories can change.  You’ve done it already countless times before.  And in your imagination you’ve done it a thousand times more. If I asked you to imagine you making the change you want, living the life you want, and you step into that story, you will have different beliefs, different feelings about your past, your present, your future.

You’ve dreamt it, you’ve felt it, that different way of being,. Those amazing stories, that you’ve felt for a few moments a few hours, a few days can be yours for much longer. Those stories, those beliefs and feelings can be, resilient, resourceful. All you have to do is choose to call.

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