Hypnotic & Vortex Healing® Guided Meditation
September 6, 2017

Hypnosis-NLP Practice (1st Monday of every month)

Hypnosis/NLP Practice (1st Monday of every month)

Newcomers and experienced Practitioners are all welcome.

This is a hands-on practice for those interested learning/experiencing/practicing hypnosis, NLP, trance and other transformational skills so they might help themselves &/or others. The skills of hypnosis & NLP are both practical and magical. These skills are based on the way our brains naturally work. And they are simple, organic and easy to learn. Come Join Us!

Each month we will explore the basics &/or different elements of NLP & Hypnosis, as well as some other modalities such as EFT, MythoSelf, Havening and more.

Not requirements needed, just bring your curiosity, a willingness to explore, to learn and practice.


$20 Early Bird (up to 3 days before event)

$25 – Regular Price (PayPal – click here)


About Joel

Hi, I’m Joel Elfman. I’m a hypnotist, and NLP trainer with over 14 years of experience. I’ve taught NLP* and Hypnosis in over 400+ Meetups to thousands of people. And I’d love to help you create the life you want. Visit my website to learn more about me, hypnosis, NLP and the science and art of how you can change.

*NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is often called the study of subjective reality, how each individual uniquely experiences, processes and communicates with the world around them. Once an individual’s patterns are modeled, the tools of NLP are highly effective in creating change.