Connecting to the Resources Within (weekly insight sessions)
March 17, 2019
Connecting to the Resources Within (weekly insight sessions)
March 24, 2019

Tantra for Beginners w Master Teacher Charles Muir

Tantra Beginners Weekend w Charles Muir
April 26-28, 2019
New York City

Charles Muir with Leah Alchin
All Skill Levels Welcome

For Singles & Couples
*There is no nudity during the seminar*

This is a rare opportunity to study Tantra with Charles Muir who is an incredible Master Tantra teacher that has been teaching for 45 years. Charles is traveling from far and is retiring so this will be the last opportunity to study with him in NYC. This event will most likely sell out so it is recommended to get tickets soon.

This seminar is a wonderful introduction to the transformative powers of Tantra. Whether you are single or a couple, it will teach you how to use sexual energy for increased intimacy, spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony, renewal, and transformation. This weekend seminar is designed to explore our sexuality while peeling back layers of our conditioning in a safe environment. The sexual techniques have roots in the ancient Tantric knowledge and they are taught in the context of celebrating yourself, your partner, your love, and life itself. The core value making this seminar a resounding success over and over is: when passion, love, and consciousness join together, they transform sex into a profound and loving meditation overflowing with joy and intimacy.

The seminar weaves together carefully crafted learning modules, each bringing forth ways to increase passion and pleasure, intimacy, and living life with sexual wholeness. Appreciating our body more while discovering our erogenous zones, anatomically finding the differences between g-spot and sacred spot, learning the language difference between men and women and how to communicate to get your needs met – just some examples of many topics covered over in the seminar. Come walk the path of conscious loving with us. Let it heal, open, and unfold us, bring us joy, peace, and sense of love that comes from being connected and centered in our hearts. Charles and Leah use a down-to-earth, humorous, and candid approach to teaching the sexual arts while creating a safe environment for singles and couples.

You will learn how to be a conscious and masterful lover!
* Breathing in lovemaking ~ key to ecstasy
* Touching ~ 6 kinds of healing and erotic touch
* Tired of dating? Discover the skills to attract the Beloved
* Learn how your eyes, words, emotions, and vulnerability can take you to intimacy bliss!
* Freeing the female orgasm ~ it’s easy!
* 1,001 methods of exquisite pelvic movement
* Sexual awakening for men, the Secret that can Quadruple the length and power of your orgasm
* Advanced lovemaking techniques you will use forever
* Female sacred spot massage ritual ~ step-by-step instructions to heal, awaken, and release unlimited energy
* Internal muscular exercises for increased energy and pleasure
* And so much more…

Tantra Master Charles Muir is the Founder of Source School of Tantra Yoga, has been teaching for over forty-five years and is considered the originator and pioneer of the Modern Tantra Movement in the United States. His original sacred spot massage work, Tantric insights, and experiential exercises have become the cornerstones for many Tantra teachers worldwide.

He has authored several Tantra books & DVDs, His revolutionary work has been featured in over fifty media articles, numerous television and radio appearances (most recently on Oprah radio) Charles is quoted in over a hundred books on Tantra, sexuality, Yoga, and relationship. He is the originator of the Tantra: Source Tantra Sacred Spot Massage Techniques.

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Friday, April 26th to Sunday, April 28th
Friday: 6:45 pm–10:30 pm
Sat.: 10 am–7:30 pm
Sun.: 10 am–8 pm

Singles: $675.
Couples: $1,350.

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