Hypnosis/NLP session - every session is a unique mix of hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and conversational work depending on client and issue


1- Consult - Typically 20-30 minutes on phone or in-person before the 1st session.

* Share your problem, and how you want to be different.
* What will change look like for you.
* Learn about what to expect during a standard session
* Learn about the science of changing your brain
* Get questions answered about hypnosis, session, etc.
* If it’s a fit, book a session(s)

2- Session -

* Again, share your problem, and how you want to be different.
* Get questions answered, touch on science, what to expect, as needed (see consult)
* Begin to dive deeper into what stops you
* Explore what a new you, looks and feels like
* Using conversation, exercises and trance to discover or create positive resources. The mix will vary uniquely for you.
* Continue to strengthen, test, integrate, that positive state. Make it powerful and resilient, even when receiving Nos or unexpected results.
* Check for any objections. Add anything as needed.
* Leave feeling more resourceful.
* Book additional session(s) if needed.

3- Results -

* Begin to notice changes in your life

4- Return

* Come back for more sessions or just enjoy your changes.
* Live life better. Live Your Dreams.

*Individual results may vary.