Fantastic service, Mr Elfman seems very knowledgable in his field and goes above and beyond the call to help. He was very friendly, and I experienced a light state of trance, with no difficulty in transition, upon awakening I felt upbeat and in a refreshed mood. As for results I have yet to experience anything dramatic as It has not been long since the experience. (Matter of hours), but I feel that they will come in time in unexpected ways.

the meeting was terrific and did the trick! I got out of that "thing" I was stuck in.

I was highly impressed with your service, attention, professionalism, sensitivity, dedication, and honesty. Me and my sister were very moved by your extraordinary personality and work style. We both felt different today. It's like feeling like something internally has changed for good. At least we have lots of motivation. Your went beyond our expectations. I feel strongly motivated to lose weight... My diet was perfect today and I got off 3 bus stops before and walked home. You are an amazing human being! very caring; and it's easy to see how much you love what you do. It was a great pleasure meeting with you. Many thanks!

I thoroughly enjoyed our session today which was a experience. I believe we accomplished a lot. Joel is very knowledgeable , patient and pleasant. I plan on returning

It was a great session. It was not only hypnosis, but education as well on how to make consistent change through practice.

It was wonderful sitting with you yesterday and chatting it up a bit on so many interesting topics. Speaking with you makes me feel at ease. I left your office yesterday feeling so much better mentally, emotionally and definitely physically. I caught the crosstown bus over to the Eastside and walked from 96th to 105th without any pain! At all!!! I couldn't believe it... I want to thank you for helping me with that... you are magical!!! Also, I did remove something from the room last night and put it at the door... guess what... didn't even have to throw it out... my boyfriend took it with him on his way out this morning before me... I look forward to our next meeting!

Joel has graduated from being one of my very frequent students to being an invaluable member of my Mastermind Group. I now check with Joel before I ever unveil any new products and workshops. His NLP insight, guidance and advice is top-notch, on-target & elegant.

Joel Elfman's NLP Class was a doorway entry into an experience of human communication and self exploration that was far greater than my expectations. The various modalities that he masterfully fused together provided me with life long insight to the human psyche that will prove priceless during my journey of personal growth.

...I enjoyed very much the group and learned many powerful techniques for example to look at things differently, to understand communication patterns, to set goals, and even to release traumas! (and many more) It was very enjoyable and valuable to me!

"I can't tell you how tickled I am for anyone who has the opportunity to study with Joel Elfman, an extremely well-trained and effective, Master-Practitioner/Trainer of NLP. If I had had the opportunity to develop my skills in my first training over an extended period, with in-depth feedback, I would have been even more ready to inspire my clients and install change and excellence when I started out in the field. For the price and the amount and quality of training you will be investing in, Joel is offering you a once-in a lifetime chance to master this excellent set of tools."

Joel is gentle, insightful, talented, and highly ethical. A wonderful person to work with, no matter what your concerns.

I recently met Joel and immediately felt comfortable working with him. Joel is very easy going, and clearly an expert in his field. I plan to work with Joel to solve some issue in business as well as my personal life. I would recommend Joel without hesitation.

My session with Joel was worth it!  I was impressed with the thorough attention and questions given prior to my session, it made me feel like I was in good hands. During the session:  Joel gave me quite a few tips (exercises) that I really needed, great teacher he made it easy to learn.  A pleasant surprise, I walked away with a new calmness and a smile.

Joel is very personable and knowledgeable. I already look forward to going back.  If your curious about hypnosis like I am, you won't be disappointed.

Rita C

Thank you so much for the session. It was the first time I have done this type of work and was amazed at how readily I interacted and went with the process. I am pleased with the great insights that came through and the feeling of radical forgiveness. The exercise works! The moment of ah ha for me was when a phase entered my mind ‘mastery is consistence,’ just do what needs to be done consistently and life takes on a new form common sense yes, yet ‘I got it’, with new meaning.  It was a great experience, for the fog lifted and I am able to see clearer. *Individual results may vary.


This was my first session with Joel Elfman and it was great. I felt very comfortable and at the end of the session my fear that I was treated for had completely vanished. In addition I got a lot of great tools and exercises to practice on. I look forward to my next session. Thank you! *Individual results may vary.


I’m now 10 days without a cigarette and feeling great! This is the longest I have ever been without a cigarette in 17 years. Directly following my session with Joel, I had a very stressful night at work and then it was my birthday two days later, so I was out with friends and for dinner (one of my favorite times to smoke), and each time, I managed to make it through with strength and positivity!   *Individual results may vary.